Produced from 100% Italian organic apples, Biotuscany apple vinegar maintains all the nutritional qualities and benefits of the apple and is free from any food additive.

Apple vinegar contains potassium and vitamins, has diuretic, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties, and helps burn fat.

The recipe can be modified according to needs: specifically, we can change the degree of acidity, offering a taste in line with the needs of the final consumer.

We can customize the format, proposing tailor-made solutions.

Our organic apple vinegar has a full and fruity flavor, with a scent of ripe apple. The liquid and slightly hazy appearance is accompanied by the "mother of the vinegar", a light sediment that is a sign of naturalness and does not affect the quality of the product.

This condiment is the ideal ingredient to add a touch of acidity to energy drinks or to enrich fish and vegetable dishes, as well as being excellent for dressing salads and marinating foods.