Biotuscany: a recipe made of passion, tradition and well-being

Biotuscany was born as a division of Casa Rinaldi, an Italian excellence specialized in condiments selection and distribution over 110 countries in the world. Over the years, the offer of the Modena holding has expanded, developing fundamental skills for the creation of Biotuscany and its organic recipes.
TUSCANY is one of the two production plants of Casa Rinaldi: it focuses on private label production and packaging of olive and extra virgin olive oil, vinegar and condiments, and has already established prestigious collaborations all over the world.

We work every day to create and deliver totally organic extra virgin olive oils and seeds, creams, vinegars, condiments and pesto.
Our products come from a strong passion for quality and environment. Biologicoils, dedicated to the production of organic condiments with exceptional nutritional characteristics, developed and successfully expanded over the years. Biologicoils product range shows at its best the countless customization opportunities that we can offer as Biotuscany.
Our legacy of attention to health and well-being goes from the selection of the raw materials, constantly checked in every phase of the process, to the development of unique recipes and packaging.

Tailor-made organic products

Biotuscany designs, creates and distributes Biologicoils products, 100% organic.Each product can be fully customized in brand new solutions.
In this process, our production skills play a fundamental role: exactly like tailors in their stores, we accurately take measurements for every detail to be included in our final product, offering a recipe that keeps together taste, refinery and quality.
The result is a one-of-a-kind organic condiment.

Production flexibility at the customer's service

Different markets have different consumers. This is reflected in the demand for different products, designed solely for that area.
Due to Casa Rinaldi’s extensive experience on international markets, we have the right skills and know-how to meet every customer’s need, regardless of the geographic area.Biotuscany has the skills to intercept different demands and to flexibly manage all the production phases that lead to the final product: creation of the recipe, purchase of organic raw materials, production and delivery.
The research and development of new recipes is only part of our work: we constantly innovate the processes and technologies, trying to give our contribution to the food industry also through the registration of original patents.

Organic condiments and synergy with the territory

The name Biotuscany represents the deep bond with the key geographical area of Tuscany region and its stories, traditions and taste: we transform these concepts into organic condiments of the highest quality.
Having deep roots in the Tuscan territory help us develop relationships and synergies with the best suppliers in the area: there are a lot of medium-small companies that use integrated cultivation methods, a true guarantee of the freshness and fragrance of the organic raw materials.

Recipes for an international audience

From the pure traditional to the most modern ones, all the organic condiments belonging to the Biologicoils line are prepared following a typically Italian know-how, but our recipes are designed for an international market.
Because of that and thanks to the highest quality standards followed during the entire production process, our recipes can meet the needs of many international markets.
We have an extensive expertise and are therefore the partner of choice for different distribution channels, from mass distribution to supermarket chains, HoReCa players or table sectors companies.

Certifications: guaranteed quality

Our production site and our processes are regularly verified by Bioagricert, an international external body. Take a look at our certifications.
Our certifications

A patent of know-how and passion

Discover the details of our revolutionary patent: a deep research on the right method to develop an exclusive natural infusion process.
The patent

Brands that know us

We have had to pleasure to develop collaborations with many well-known brands, international players that have chosen the quality of organic condiments made in Biotuscany.