Our organic sweet almond oil is composed by more than 65% oleic acid and more than 20% linoleic acid. It is cold extracted from almonds harvested between August and September, using a mechanical press: the percentage of extractable oil varies between 50% and 70%, depending on the seed.

This condiment is also rich in fatty acids, potassium and vitamin E: these nutrients highly contribute to your general well-being.

Product customization is available upon request.

Biotuscany organic almond oil is characterized by its light-yellow color and totally transparent appearance. Upon tasting, this oil releases sweet almond notes.

It can be used for low temperature cooking or tasted raw as a condiment for salads, fresh fruit and ice cream. It can be also used for the preparation of smoothies, to enrich the flavor of yogurt or as a raw material for the production of homemade desserts and pasta.