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Biotuscany exclusively selects the best raw materials and 100% organic ingredients to create condiments with inimitable organoleptic and nutritional characteristics. EVO oils, seed-oils, flavored condiments, vinegars, creams, pesto: we offer a wide range of solutions to enrich your favorite dishes and keep your body and mind healthy.

Our customers can access the vast selection of Biologicoils products. They can create customized private label condiments: everything is tailored-made, from recipes to packaging.

The journey to physical and mental well-being goes through proper nutrition.

Extra virgin olive oils, the intense fragrance of organic oil

Our selection of organic extra virgin olive oils with unique nutritional characteristics and original flavor is fully customizable in size.

Frome the best Italian and European olive groves, organic extra virgin olive oils for a healthy and tasty lifestyle.

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Organic seed oils: new flavors and unique blends

The best varieties of organic seeds are cold pressed to obtain oils with a pleasant and characteristic taste. Condiments are rich in nutrients, essential for the body's psychophysical well-being.

Organic seed oils give a huge contribution to your good health.

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Organic flavored oils, new flavors on the table

Biotuscany's flavored and organic condiments combine olive oil and extra virgin olive oil with the best ingredients in an original, totally organic mix. Each flavored oil is fully customizable.

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Tasteful balsamic creams and organic vinegars

A selection of balsamic creams and vinegars, obtained from the best organic raw materials, to enrich any type of dish with fragrant and original flavors.

Perfect products for the most demanding palates and ideal for any type of occasion. We can modify format and recipe according to needs.

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Organic condiments, naturally good

A range of soy sauces and organic lemon juices with a unique taste and inimitable nutritional properties. Thanks to our organic condiments each course will have a new, fantastic flavor, enriched by the inimitable taste of the best organic raw materials.

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Organic pesto: the true taste of tradition

Our selection of tasty pesto is the result of a long search for innovation: we look at Italian tradition from a new point of view.

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Organic taste for tasty creams

A selection of soft, delicate and tasty pistachio creams, produced by grinding the best organic pistachios and designed to enrich each recipe in unexplored ways.

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